Working with Wood

I have been slowly building my woodworking shop to be able to make projects for the house. Finally this year I was able to get a jointer and surface planer, so now my work can be more precise.


Liz's Desk

Desk built for Liz to have her own workspace. It was built using Oak Plywood for the sides and solid Oak for the desk top and drawer faces.

Cherry Jewelry Boxes

Cherry Jewelry Boxes built as presents for Christmas 2004 for my daughter and niece. They are made of cherry with an inlay of cherry, walnut, mahogany, and maple. 

Earing Chest

I made this Earring Chest for Liz for Christmas 2004. It is made of Ash with Walnut Inlays.

Maple and Cherry Jewelry Boxes

Three of these Maple and Cherry Jewelry Boxes were made for a Young Womens Fund Raiser at Church. One was given to my Aunt. The other is mine. I started with 5 boxes but only 4 made it to the finished stage.