Gano Family Reunion Survey Results

As of Tuesday, April 25, 2000 the survey has had 4 responses.
If you haven't yet responded, please do so!
Keeping in mind that these results are not binding on anyone,
here are the cumulative totals so far:

Weeks that Work
May 20-25 none May 25-Jun 1 none Jun 3-8 2
Jun 10-15 3 Jun 17-22 1 Jun 24-29 1
Jul 1-6 1 Jul 8-13 2 Jul 15-20 2
Jul 22-27 3 Jul 29-Aug 3 1 Aug 5-10 3
Aug 12-17 4 Aug 19-24 1 Aug 26-31 2
Sep 2-7 2 Sep 9-14 1 Sep 16-21 none
Sep 23-28 none Sep 30-Oct 5 1 Oct 7-12 none

Facility Suggestions
Lacey-Keosauqua Park or Lake Sugema(1)


Sit & Chat 3 Swimming 4 Family History 2 Softball 3
Fireside 1 Tour Area 3 Family T-shirts 3 Canoeing 3
Temple Session 4 Talent Show/Skit 1 Games 3 Biking 2

Other Activity Suggestions?
Games for Children: Duck-duck-goose, etc.
Ultimate Frisbee
Identify Photos

Permanent Reunion?

Yes 3 No 0

Permanent Reunion ideas:
"Every 5 years, but the month and week should be flexible."
"Every 10 years."
"Make it affordable and flexible"
"Let the different families (Generation 2) each take a turn being in charge"
"Have one in conjunction with Lewis & Clark Expedition Bicentennial" (2x: one suggested Oregon, the other suggested Montana, along upper Missouri River)


Reunion Coordinator B.Lansingh
G & K Schoeni
E. Osborn
Communications Sylvia B.A.D.
J. Andrus
B. Lansingh
Children's Activities C. Fielding
Family Activities E. Osborn
Lodging Specialist K. Schoeni
L. Gano

Please keep in mind, this is Not an election; just suggestions of whom various people think might be able to serve. Of course, the nominees have the right to decline.

In posting these results, I'm only acting as a 'facilitator;' encouraging participation among all the various branches of the family, in hopes that everyone will be enthusiastically involved! The real question is: Who wants to do it? Will you? (and please, if your name is on this list and you can't do it or are unable to do so, please let me know; I'll take you off the nomination list.)

The survey results will be updated as I receive them. Thanks for your participation!