2002 Gano Family Reunion Survey

The evening of Grandpa Gano's funeral, it was proposed that the family gather for a reunion sometime in 2002, to renew family ties and to enjoy, in Grandpa's memory, the new-built Nauvoo Temple.

So, let's do it! (Aha, you say: "Easier said than done." No kidding...)

Sylvia (B.A.D. Family) teased me if I was going to be in charge (No Way!), but I had been wanting to learn how to build a web-page, and a web-page certainly seemed like the best way to get the WHOLE FAMILY on-board the idea. Hence...

This web page is intended to generate interest in the reunion idea, and provide a place for discussion and planning. With that in mind, this survey is offered to collect information and ideas for the reunion. Subject areas include when we might have it, suggested locations, activity ideas, and nominations for Reunion Coordinator and Committee Chairpersons. All descendents (and their spouses) of Ford Gano should respond to this survey.

The survey is divided into the following sections:

Just fill in the blanks, and zap your answers. Watch this website for results.

Reunion Dates

First, let's admit that no date will be perfect for everybody. So, with that in mind, what dates work best for you? Then we'll be able to see what dates work best for most.

  1. Check off all the weeks (M-Sat) in 2002 that might work for you:
    May 20th-25th
    May 27th-June 1st (Memorial Day)
    June 3rd-June8th
    June 10th-June 15th
    June 17th-June 22nd (just after Father's Day)
    June 24th-June 29th
    July 1st-July 6th (Independence Day)
    July 8th-July 13th (Grandpa's Birthday)
    July 15th-July 20th
    July 22nd-July 27th (Pioneer Day)
    July 29th-Aug 3rd
    Aug 5th-Aug 10th
    Aug 12th-Aug 17th
    Aug 19th-Aug 24th
    Aug 26th-Aug 31st
    Sept 2nd-Sept 7th (Labor Day)
    Sept 9th-Sept 14th
    Sept 16th-Sept 21st
    Sept 23rd-Sept 28th
    Sept 30th-Oct 5th
    Oct 7th-Oct 12th
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Facility Suggestions

This get-together's gonna' need a place to happen. Where are some good places, large enough, for all of us to get together, at least some of the time? It doesn't necessarily have to be a motel, nor does everyone necessarily have to lodge in the same place (campsite, motel, relatives). But it does need to be central, affordable, and suitable.

  1. In the box below, type in some ideas of places to have the reunion (the more the better):

    You may be contacted for further information about these places.
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What are some things you would like to do or take part in at the reunion?

  1. Check as many as you like:
    Sit and Chat   Swim          Family History     Family Softball Tournament
    Firesides      Tour the Area Family T-Shirts    Group Canoeing
    Temple Session Talents/Skits Games (ideas below)Group Bicycling
  2. Any other Ideas?:

  3. Do you think we should establish a permanent Reunion? (Say, second week in some month every year ending in 5 or 0, for example?) Check if yes:

    If yes, what do you suggest?

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Somebody has got to be in charge, and just for fun, let's call that somebody the Reunion Coordinator. This person has to coordinate committee chairpersons (more on that in a minute), reserve a site, collect contributions & pay expenses, and, well, just make the whole thing happen. It should be someone enthusiastic and organized (Franklin-Planner type? Nah, a PalmPilot will do...). Who should that be? (I won't tell anyone who YOU nominated, just the total number of nominations specific people receive. Oh, and you can nominate yourself, if you want...)

My Nominee for Reunion Coordinator:

Now, nobody wants to do this all by his/herself, so let's have some nominations for Committee Chairpersons (and whoever ends up being chairperson gets to pick his/her committee from the entire family!):

Communications Chair (collects snail- and e-mail addresses, sends information, invites, keeps records, etc.):

Children's Activities Chair (plans activities for the under 12 set, incl. babysitting if a temple session is planned.)

Family Activities Chair (plans inter-family activities)

Lodging Specialist (researches lodging opportunities, helps families make reservations, etc.)

Other ideas?

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How can we contact you?

Ok, so make someone's job easier. Enter your Vital Stats here.



Phone Number

May we share your addresses
with other family members (family only!)?


Family Members (names & ages):

Questions? Comments?


When you click submit, the your answers will be sent to me via e-mail. Thank you for taking the time answer the questions in this survey. Let's plan to get this survey done by July 1st, 2000. And please, let other family members know about the survey. It is only useful to the extent that everyone participates.

Please be patient with my efforts as I learn how to manage a site. Thanks for your participation, and I'll see you at the Reunion!

Liz Osborn
Longmont, Colorado

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Liz Osborn
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Revised: April 04, 2000.