Our Croatian Ancestors: The Families of Juraj & Stjepan Subat of Zlobin, Croatia

Thanks to Radovan Tadej, our research here in the United States has found root on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

According to Mr. Tadej, author of In Search of the Lost People of Zlobin (1999 - $20.00 US from the author), in the late 1800's the village of Zlobin, located at the margin of the Adriatic coast where the land began to be mountainous, was plunged into economic turmoil. The traditional occupations of harvesting the tall pines for ship masts and wagonneering were rapidly supplanted by the arrival of the Steam Ship and the Steam Engine. In a desperate bid for work, a significant portion of the young men and women of Zlobin sought employment in new lands. Some went to South America, some to New Zealand and Australia. Even more went to Canada and the United States.

Two of the young men were Juraj (George) and Stjepan (Stephen) Subat (Shubert).

They came to Dunfermline, Fulton County, Illinois about 1895, and found work in the coal mines of central Illinois. Their mother Juliana joined them after the death of their father Luka. She died in Dunfermline on August 22, 1900. In 1903 and 1905 respectively, George and Stephen both married young ladies who had also emigrated from Croatia. George married Antonia Crnkovic; Stephen married Micela Perc.

George's family remained in the Fulton County area. Stephen's family moved to Chicago about 1925.

In the Croatian Chakavian dialect the letter written S in Subat had a diacritical mark above it, and would have been pronounced approximately "tsch". Hence, spelled phonetically in the United States, the name became variously Shubert, Shubart, Schubert, Shubat, etc.

Anton SUBAT (b. abt.1750) -- ???
Martin SUBAT (b. abt 1775) == Kata KUCHAN (b. abt 1780)
Barbara SUBAT (b. 1801, Zlobin)
Luka SUBAT (b. 1803, Zlobin)
Fran SUBAT (b. 1805, Zlobin; d. 1885, Zlobin) == (2) Kata POLICH (b. 1803, Zlobin; d. 1890, Zlobin)
Luka SUBAT (b. 1844, Zlobin; d. 1896, Zlobin) == Julijana BLAZINA (b. 1848, Zlobin; d. 1900, Dunfermline, IL)
Maria SUBAT (b. 1873, Zlobin; d. 1877, Zlobin)
Juraj (George) SUBAT (b. 1875, Zlobin; d.1970, Havana, IL) == Antonia CRNKOVIC (b. 1882; d. 1949, Canton, IL)
Stjepan (Stephen) SUBAT (b. 1877, Zlobin; d. 1950, Chicago, IL) == Micela PERC (b. 1882, Draga; d. 1954, Chicago, IL)

George SHUBERT == Antonia CRNKOVIC (m. 1903, Canton, IL)
Evelyn SHUBERT == (1) Charles FULTON, (2) ??? HALL
== Leona MYERS
George SHUBERT Jr.
== Harriett WILSON
Margaret SHUBERT
== ??? WARRANT

Stephen SHUBERT == Micela PERC (m. 1905, Canton, IL)
Joseph SHUBERT == Ann ???
== Lawrence MONTE
== Ed KLIE
Agnes Theresa SCHUBERT
== Harold Howard OSBORN
== Ann ???

If you found family here, please let me know. I would be very glad to hear from you, and add any information you may have to contribute. Please remember, this information represents a work in progress. While I have in my possession marriage certificates for George and Stephen, and Death certificates for Stephen, Micela, and Agnes, all other data is derived from secondary sources, including cemetery inscription transcripts andonline SSDI data. Mr. Radovan Tadej of Rijeka, Croatia is the source of the information from Zlobin; I believe his information comes from Zlobin parish records. A special thanks to Rootsweb for helping us find each other!

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